As Jesuit School

Jesuit education is the oldest tradition of secondary education in the world. The first Jesuit High School was opened in 1548 in Messina Italy and with it a tradition of excellence was shaped that still vibrant and developing. Canisius College Junior – Senior High School, school for boys, is one of 7 (seven) Jesuit high schools (belongs to Jesuit) in Indonesia and hundreds more throughout the world; Canisius that was started in 1927 is the oldest one in Indonesia and since that has been concerned to provide full and harmonious development of the whole person – to be men of character

The Jesuit High Schools in Indonesia are:

– De Britto College Senior High School in Yogyakarta

– Loyola College Senior High School in Semarang (central Java)

– Mikael College Vocational School in Surakarta (central Java)

– PIKA Vocational School in Semarang (central Java)

– Gonzaga College Senior High School in Jakarta

– Adhi Luhur Senior High School in Nabire (Papua)